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5 places to visit in The Green Light District in Amsterdam

The Green Light District. No, it is not the transsexual version of the Blue Light District. It’s a known phenomenon within the culture and most Amsterdammers will probably also know what and where to send you if asked. Here you find the best information about, smoke the best quality of and buy the best seeds from: Cannabis. Ganja. Marihuana. Weed.

However you want to call it, or whatever your opinion is about the use of it. Cannabis is gaining ground worldwide. Especially for medicinal purposes. Many tourists who visit the Red Light District also visit the Green Light district. Because The Netherlands has a famous (or notorious whichever you prefer) legislation when it comes to cannabis use, tourists find this interesting. There are many, many, many coffee shops. But the Green Light District is more famous for it’s educational and cultural purposes.

So I have rounded up 5 places you must visit if you are interested in cannabis.

Found in the middle of the Red Light District on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal there are several places you must visit if you want the full Green Light District experience.

Top 5 places in The Green Light District


1. The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp MuseumThe front of the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum

This small, cosy and devided over 2 buildings (so in the end not so small after all!) museum is where you’ll find ALL there is to know about this amazing cannabis plant. The history, its purposes, medicinal use, a surfbord made of hemp, fire resistant wall made of hemp and a lot of very interesting artefacts. The paintings you see would well fit the Rijksmuseum, the collection is huge. Do the audio tour and learn it all.

The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum – Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148 Amsterdam


2. Sensi SeedsThe front entrance of the Sensi Seeds busiest shop

With three shops in the city center of Amsterdam, 2 are situated in The Green Light District. this is the place if you want to buy your own seeds to grow.

The Seed bank is the oldest cannabis seedbank in the world and it can be found inside (or actually at the exit) The Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum. The unique genetics stored here are only found in Sensi Seed’s cannabis seeds. But apart from seeds, you’ll find the finest vaporizers, Sensi merchandise and CBD products (produced by their sister company HempFlax).

The Sensi Seeds Cornershop is situated on the corner of same street. It is a bit bigger and therefor a bit more busy sometimes. But you can have a great experience when you see all the products they have. The staff takes their time to inform you about all the different strains and what would suit you the best.

Famous well known Sensi Seeds strains are Jack Herer, Michka or Black Domina. But in the stores you will get the very best advice and information about the seeds you want to buy. Want quality seeds to grow your very own plant? Vistit Sensi Seeds, they know seeds!

The Seed Bank – Oudezijds Achterburgwal 150 in Amsterdam

The Sensi Seeds Cornershop – Oude Doelenstraat 20 in Amsterdam


3. Cannabis College

Front entrance of the Cannabis College

Do you need to know how to grow? Do you want to see some real full grown cannabis plants or just hang and smoke a joint? At the Cannabis College you can do all that. Since every household in the Netherlands is allowed to have 5 individual plants for personal use, the Cannabis College does exactly this and not more. In 5 different stages you’ll see 5 different plants downstairs so you can see what works best and what a healthy plant should look like. Upstairs lectures are held, questions are answered and joints are built. You do need to bring your own weed to smoke. They do not sell here.

Cannabis College – Oudezijds Achterburgwal 124 in Amsterdam


4. HempstoryFront of the Hempstory store

Not into the psychoactive side of cannabis? At Hempstory you will find products made with or from hemp, but without any trace of THC. So it is completely legal anywhere. From bodylotion to hemp milk and from bed sheets to protein shakes. All hemp related and all fair trade. There’s even a wonderful coffee bar in the back where you can chill out and re-energize after visiting these locations in the Green Light District!

Hempstory – Oudezijds Achterburgwal 142 in Amsterdam


The Smoke Boat floating through one of the canals in the Red Light District.5. The Smoke Boat

Looking at The Green Light District (and more) from a canal tour perspective can be so inspiring, especially if you are allowed to smoke up. the guys are relaxed and tell you a bit about the Red Light District. You do need to bring your own weed to smoke. They do not sell here.

The Smoke Boat – Departure Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal  38