All About The Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

This list of Red Light District prices for beer, restaurants, prostitution, weed, groceries and cultural things is updated for 2018. It will give you a good view of what is a decent price to pay for a product and what isn’t. Because the Red Light District can be confusing when it comes to prices.

Amsterdam is not a cheap city to live in or to visit. It might be cheaper than London but for most people (locals and tourists) Amsterdam just costs more than any other Dutch city. Even within Amsterdam prices can vary a lot for every day items like coffee, beer, food and bread. So how to not spend more than necessary?

Red Light District prices for locals and tourists

Most locals know where to go for their daily necessities and where not. But tourist traps are everywhere and if you don’t watch out, you will over pay a lot. You might want to check this out!

A beer in The Red Light District

A draft beer (0.30 cl) in The Red Light District can cost anywhere between €2,70 and €4,50. Bar prices and quality varies a lot.

Do you want a €2,70 beer that isn’t mixed with water or warm? You should visit a place where also locals come. I can honestly say no one I know, nor myself, has ever visited the Ice Bar or spends his friday night there.

Look for places with a Dutch name, no lit ‘open’ signs and with Dutch speaking staff, you should be ok.

Cheap Open Sign used in Amsterdam a lot in touristy places where prices are higher

Supermarkets And Their Red Light District Prices

At a ‘supermarkt’ like Dirk or Albert Heijn (where locals shop, not the touristy ones you see in the picture) a croissant costs € 0,25 cents. Pretty good price right? Unfortunately there are also places like this in the Red Light District:

A touristy supermarket in Amsterdam

Here you will pay 5 times the price a real Dutch supermarket asks for anything. A few weeks ago I was out of milk (pretty shitty when you work alone in a coffee bar) and the owner of the supermarket tried to charge me €2 a liter. I decided to close the shop for 10 minutes and walk over to the Albert Heijn instead. It saved me €13 euro’s.

After closing hours and as a night shop, locals do come here to buy things they forgot to purchase during the day.

Again avoid places with cheap flickering lights saying ‘open’ in the window and places calling themselves ‘supermarket’ but sells bongs and weed ashtrays. No local comes there to do their daily shopping.

A cheese store for tourists in AmsterdamAlso; watch out when you want to buy Dutch Cheese. In the last couple of years, a lot of cheesy chees shops have emerged. But most in the city are tourist traps. You will overpay for cheese that no Dutch person knows the taste of.

An old fashioned cheese shop where also locals go, usually has a Dutch name like ‘Kaaswinkel’or ‘Kaashandel’. It might not look as hip and happening as the one pictured above, but they do sell actuall Dutch Cheese.

Takeaway Coffee Prices in The Red Light District

A take away latte coffee (‘koffie verkeerd’ in Dutch) can vary from €2,60 to €4,- depending on where you order. Again the price does not always say anything about the quality. At my shop and the shops featured below it costs €2,75/€2,60 for a decent sized latte. We all have about 50/50 locals and tourists coming in. And we also all speak Dutch.

Broodbar, great Red Light District prices for coffee and delicious toasties.The Broodbar, great Red Light District prices for coffee and delicious toasties. Nieuwmarkt/Koestraat.

Photo Credit: Roomed

Front of Latei, where they serve great coffee for a normal price. Sunny day. People walking in front. Red Light District Prices are good here.

Latei: Not only great coffee but also the most amazing lamps, fresh foods and diners for not a lot of money.

Prices for Weed in The Red Light District

Weed in The Red Light District coffee shops (not to be confused with coffee bars) is abundant. But the quality can be ‘om te huilen’ as us Dutch would say. (So bad you’d cry). Do some research, read some reviews and ask at the Cannabis College what to look out for and what kind of weed would be a good choice for which mood.

A pre rolled joint costs about €5 and a gram around €10 but can go up to €40. You can sit inside, have drink or smoke/vape outside if the weather lets you.

Average Restaurant Prices In The Red Light District

Restaurant prices can be very pricy and very low. Both ways do not really say anything about quality. Tripadvisor can be a good research tool, but those reviews usually do not come from locals. I like to also check Google Reviews and see what it says there.

Avoid places with kitchens like: Steak House – Pizza. I mean, how is that working? Or Argentinian Steakhouses. No one working in there, nor the food is generally Argentinian, and you’ll pay too much for an overcooked steak.

Restaurants you can trust and have good food do not have waiters calling you inside from the streets. They have Dutch speaking staff who also know English, an understandable kitchen and you will find locals dining there too.

Ask any local on the street, or even better: An Italian local (they KNOW great food) for good restaurant tips and recomendations if you find yourself lost. We will be happy to help.

Prices For Prostitutes

The prices for the ladies and their services vary depending on that you desire. It all starts at €50 for about 15 to 20 minutes and the price goes up when more time or more services are required. Negotiate and show the lady some respect. Offering less than €50 is offending, she’s always free to refuse and she decides what happens and what doesn’t. So be a gent πŸ™‚

Red Light District Prices For Museums

The prices of the museums in The Red Light District are not too high since most museums are situated in very small ancient buildings. Check out online in pictures and reviews if a museum is money’s worth.

Usually you can get discounts on less busy moments and if you are truely a museum lover, the Museumcard is a great investment. It is € 59,90 for adults and € 32,45 for children and young adults under 18. Visit 3 large museums, and you have your investment back.

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Here you can get any information you need on cannabis. Its history is the main subject of the museum. Industrial, medicinal, recreational. Every aspect is covered. The different expositions are interesting and a surprise each time.


All ages € 9,00*

Save €0,50 cents by ordering your ticket online and do not miss the Gallery a couple doors down which is part of the museum. The entry is free when you bought a museum ticket. Also there’s a discount of 10% in the Sensi Seeds shops when showing your Hashmuseum ticket. Children 13 years and younger get free entrance if they are accompanied by an adult.

Museum: Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder (Our Lord In The Attic)

If you do not know there’s a museum, you’d probably just pass by it. Our Lord in the Attic looks like an ordinary canal house but it has an actual Catholic church hidden up in the two top floors. It was built in the 1600s when Catholic festivities were not allowed publically. Get your energy up when you want to visit, there are MANY stairs to climb!

Open on Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.
Sundays from 1 p.m. till 6 p.m.
And during holidays from 10 a.m. till 6.
Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 38 in Amsterdam.


Adults € 10,00
Children ages 5 – 18 € 5,00
Children ages 0 – 4 Free

For a small museum, the price is a bit much maybe but even locals should definately check this museum out. It is worth it and if you go early in the morning, it will be very peaceful and you can ask the staff the questions you might have more easily.

Red Light Secrets: Museum Of Prostitution

This is the only museum in the world about prostitution. It is situated in a former brothel and easy to find in the middle of The Red Light District. The tour inside is really special, a true prostitute shows you around (on audio) and let’s you experience what it is like to sit behind a window in the Red Light District.

Open from 10 a.m. to 00.00 p.m. every day.


All ages € 12,50

When you buy a ticket online it will save you €2 and when you visit between 10 a.m. and 12.00 a.m. you only pay € 9.

Get Your Money’s Worth – Prices Overview

Since nobody likes to throw away money or spend money on a dissapointment, these options mentionned above are all ways to enjoy Amsterdam’s quality and have the price it is worth. These locations I have all visited myself and/or talked with customers about. Red Light District prices can be outrageous, but if you know where to go, you will get your money’s worth.

The most common products with prices in the Red Light District in one overview - 2018

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