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About waitressing in The Red Light District

I work in The Red Light District. No, I am not one of the ladies, I am not a prostitute.

Working in the Red Light District as a waitress let’s me in on the secrets the neighborhood has. The locals and the ladies are my customers. All I need to do is listen.
I supply them with their daily dose of caffeine, a decent lunch, sympathy.
Whenever I believe I know everything there is to know about the neighborhood, something crazy happens. Every day is another barely dressed surprise. Welcome to the wondrous world called De Wallen.

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How much money does an Amsterdam prostitute make?

As Ronald enters the shop I am already finishing off the double shot latte he orders every day around 8. ‘Goeiemorrege’ is what he says arbitrary while he also waves at one of the arriving ladies across the street. She’s already wearing a skirt so short you and anyone else can see her cheeks from any distance.

A minimum of €50 euro’s x 10 customers on an below average day. Minus €100 euro’s and average room costs. At least 5 x a week. And remember, the €50 price goes up fast for the kinky stuff! Don’t forget, these ladies know how to negotiate.

Infographic with some standard prices and what increases a price of an Amsterdam prostitute


‘I just found €12,50 in change while cleaning’, he shows me proudly. I smile and serve him his coffee with an extra sugar and extra cookie.

‘Those girls just throw this in the corners of the rooms for luck you know, I find this amount almost every day. For them money is worth a lot less than for you and me. Some make really good money.’

Do prostitutes get paid by the visit?

‘More like paid by the minute! How much do you think a prostitute costs? Oral or plain sex is €50. That’s where it starts. We’re not even talking about extra´s or the weird stuff. That costs more.’

‘After a guy finishes, he’s really finished and told to leave right away. No money back even if the ‘main event’ occurs after 2 minutes or not at all. And the average prostitute asks at least €50 euro’s a visit. But often way more. So on average more like €150 I would guess. We all know how many men go behind Dana’s curtains. Do the math.’

One of the Red Light District windows

Ten customers a day

‘€100 euro’s x 10 customers on an average day. Catching’, while he makes the move honking truckers make. ‘Minus the €100 euro’s an average room costs. €85 during the day, €115 at night. Do that 5 days a week and I bet it is more than you and I make together in a week.’

‘It is a game for them eh, they make men ‘fall in love’ so they can pull as much money out as they can. To make sure they come back and to make sure they spend as little time inside that room as possible. No refunds. It isn’t called ‘pezen‘ for nothing.’

Dana walks in and asks me how I am. Because her door and window are in my scope all day, I know she must be doing well. Her curtains are closed 95% of her workshift and her time in the window is about 5%. She doesn’t seem unhappy with what she does.

Before I get the chance to ask her how her day is, she quickly puts a €20 euro bill on the counter and runs out. ‘Will you come and bring it when it’s ready?’ She glances over at the guy waiting on her doorstep. ‘5 minutes!’ she yells. ‘And keep the change!’

One of the ladies paying for coffee

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