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Where to find De Wallen?

De Wallen, or for the international visitors The Red Light District, is the area where you’ll find the windows with the ladies. Whenever you visit Amsterdam it is a must see attraction. The whole reason the windows are still operable, is because of the many, many, many tourists.

Just to be clear, not the whole area within the circle are windows where sex is paid for. The red line, covers the streets with windows where most prostitutes are found. Barring some side streets. Locals also still live in the area.

Most people I meet in my little shop, have no idea where The Red Light District stops and begins. Let me clarify it for you.

So, there’s a right and left side. Or east and west, whatever you prefer.

  • The east, or right half of De Wallen is the well known touristic side. This is where you will find the bachelor partying drunks (mainly English sorry) and groups of people goggling in amazement.


  • The west, left half of De wallen, is where the fetish stuff happens. It is a lot less busy on the street, but for the ladies not. Most people walking around here, have a window to go to. Or they live/work there. Like me :).

Red Light District Map

Use this map of De Wallen to find your way. You will be amazed by the historical value of the streets and the many other things you will find besides prostitution.