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About waitressing in The Red Light District

I work in The Red Light District. No, I am not one of the ladies, I am not a prostitute.

Working in the Red Light District as a waitress let’s me in on the secrets the neighborhood has. The locals and the ladies are my customers. All I need to do is listen.
I supply them with their daily dose of caffeine, a decent lunch, sympathy.
Whenever I believe I know everything there is to know about the neighborhood, something crazy happens. Every day is another barely dressed surprise. Welcome to the wondrous world called De Wallen.

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Why are prostitutes called hookers?

So, in order to answer this one I’ve just plain asked one or two of the ladies (and their visitors) if they knew. And, well, there are more interesting answers and theories as to why prostitutes are called hookers.

The response right after the answer is also that the ladies do not like to be called ‘hooker’. They prefer prostitute or sex worker. Or ladies, which I use.

  1. “We hook you with our love, so that is why.” – Shari

    This makes sense since in Dutch Amsterdam dialect ‘Pezen‘ means working hard. Which they do, to make you come back and spend more.

  2. “I thought it is because some of us also work on the corner of the streets and the old word for corner is hook.” – Samantha

    Believable. but I couldn’t find any proof of this word being used as corner in the English language. In Dutch the word for corner is ‘hoek’ but then again, hooker in Dutch is ‘hoer’ so that does not make any sense.

  3. “There was an Army person long time ago who’s last name was Hooker and he and his soldier friends visited a lot of prostitutes during a war.” – Maria

    This is my personal favorite because it seems so weird. But, she didn’t just make it up! Evidence claims it is an untrue story, but it is a story that is going around for ages.

  4. “I have no idea, could it be because it looks like they are fishing for men on the streets?” – Rob

And when they bite…

Some answers from the experts. But not definitive answer. Although searching around a bit online for etimology and other sources reveal that the Dutch history is responsible for the name ‘hooker’ because of the word ‘hoek’.

Hoek degenerated to hook and thus the word hooker was born.

Screenshot of a diagram explaining the etimology of the word hooker

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